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Reader: I gave Denver a try for two months, but it sucks

Around here, we do a lot of celebrating the Mile High City in posts like the 50 reasons we're glad we live in Denver and not the United States. But we've also provided this January 2011 Comment of the Day for people who disagree.

Like this guy, who's spent two months here and can't wait to get out.

greylopht writes:

I do have to say, yes Denver does suck. I have been here since 7/6/12 and guess what. Here it is 9/3/12 and I am ready to bolt. As soon as my contract is done it is a hop to Austin to see my Grams and fix my moms truck, then it is off to Bishop CA to get more stuff and then off to Portland. I am from CA (Mendocino) and have to say that the dope smokers here are far worse than anything in the emerald triangle. Let me recount the things that have happened since I have been here.

Roommates 21 year old F to M party girl but want to be a guy pushed my Geriatric 3 legged dog down a flight of stairs. Once I had the house owners place all cleaned up, 3 other folks moved in (as well as party girl) and all they want to do is party, smoke pot, drink and sleep all day. I was the black sheep that wanted to keep the house cleaned up so I was shoved out once everyone else moved in.

Got rear ended in a hit and run on Westminster in Arvada. Old guy in a 09 Accord, blew his front end off and he still drove away. While I have been here at Motel 6, my car has been backed into on the left side pushing the strut in and bending a wheel, lower control arm and a radius rod. (Currently waiting on parts, I drive a 32 year old French Peugeot so parts are scarce). The drivers are rubbish and I have lived in. London, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Petaluma, Freemont, Atlanta, Augusta, Kansas City, Knoxville, El Paso/Las Cruces and even Seattle for a time. The roads here are really -- worse -- than Kansas City, and that is saying something.

There is 0 culture here, and folks are right about the want to be out doors folks. Their version of out doors is visiting a strip mall, but they dress all REI for it. There has been some good food, but over priced. Food is over priced, rents are insanity for the job market. People have there nose in the air really badly. The job market is full of head hunters that take half of your contract pay OR MORE. (I speak from experience) There are shootings here all the time, folks seem to be rather wing nut combative or clueless. This is a very Frat Boy/Girl centric city. People are rather closed minded but try to put on the façade of open mindedness. I have met a couple of really nice folks, but they are few and far between.

Extremely consumer oriented. Strip mall on every corner with the same stuff as every strip mall, there is not much to really DO. Want to go hiking, deal with the throngs of people then. No where is it pedestrian friendly for walking places, (not to mention the drivers) It is very Yuppified and tries to be all in the now, when it is really stuck somewhere in the 90's and is about as fake as a city as a city can be.

I really wanted to love Denver and come here for a new beginning. So far it has done nothing but cost me money and patience. Did I mention exorbitant prices like everyone makes 100K a year.

I can say working with the Police and the other Agencies I have worked with has been a VERY pleasant experience for the most part. (I am a trainer) but other than that, sorry, Denver is a soul and money sucking place.

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