Reader: I might have doubted Chuck Zukowski video, too, if I hadn't personally seen Bigfoot

The video included in Alan Prendergast's post about Chuck Zukowski, an El Paso reserve deputy sheriff dismissed for implying the department wasn't trained to deal with the paranormal, may have elicited snickers from cynics. But one reader had a very different reaction, for reasons that had to do with an encounter two decades ago with a fella who spells his name "Sasquatch."

Duane writes:

This video to me hits home. I am an over the road trucker. In the fall of '89 I was cruising thru Colorado & watched a Bigfoot run across 4 lanes of traffic. It caused an accident that involved a North American semi on the westbound side, & 3 cars on the eastbound side. It was at least 7 feet tall, with black hair covering its body. It moved so fast it was just unbelievable. I was maybe 150 feet away when it hit the road, & less than a semi length when I passed it. The State Troopers & other investigators thought we were nuts!!! But how can a dozen eyewitnesses be nuts??? Oh yeah. I believe. I believe in Bigfoot, I believe in UFO's, & I"m a paranormal investigator myself, so yep. I believe in ghosts too. I have experienced "ALL" of them. There's alot going on in this world that we don't understand, or just don't know about.

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