Reader: I moved out of Denver because the gang violence was too much for me

A lot of reaction to our post about a Jefferson County couple whose night in Denver ended with a rain of gunfire from cars that may or may not have contained "gang-bangers." Among the more memorable posts was this one, from a reader who wasn't surprised by the incident or the description of the perpetrators.

Jonathan Noa writes:

Gang violence is a serious problem in MOST cities in the states. In my own two years in Denver, I was personally introduced to gang violence in 4 different experiences. Luckily my part was more or less as a bystander. I moved out of the city because it was TOO much for me. But i still love Denver and I still love living close. It is a bigger issue of the dangers of gangs. Unfortunately more police doesn't equal less gangs. For example. LA. It can only be combated by offering people economic means for themselves. The same people mixed in with crime and gangs are the same ones who have worked countless meaningless jobs. The public use of marijuana is a separate issue, but I admit it smells better than the breath of politicians right now.

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