Reader: Josh McDaniels, aka McDouchebag, is making Broncos fans miss Mike Shanahan

Our Monday post about Josh McDaniels "Not My Coach" t-shirts on sale before the Broncos' horrible loss to the St. Louis Rams (but after McDaniels was fined by the NFL for not reporting improper recordings of a San Francisco 49ers practice) prompted some impassioned takes -- including one from a reader who is having trouble choosing which derogatory nickname to use for Coach McD.

Jay writes:

I was at the game yesterday and wish I would have run across this guy! I would have bought one of these shirts. Fans were very pissed off at this complete loser.

Compiling a list of the top things to call this guy...

McDouchbag McClown McCheater McHoodie McDummy McSpyGate McDumbass McLoser

And loved this comment posted yesterday: Shanahan, we miss you ya old beady eyed, cussin ol fu*k. Come home!

For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.


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