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Reader: Marijuana entrepreneurs deserve credit for providing jobs

Our post on a Newsweek article focusing on Colorado's so-called pot barons attracted plenty of comments about the Medical Marijuana Industry Group that fell short of complimentary.

However, a dispensary employee provided a very different perspective.

J.T. Gurl writes:

I work at a dispensary along with 5 other young adults. There are another 10 of us in the grow. No "caregiver" ever offered me a job. Not that I would have known where to apply or whether I could have relied on a safe working environment. Obviously, there should always be a place for people who want to grow their own medicine. But this idea that "caregivers" (most of whom don't care for anyone except themselves) are growing for altruistic reasons is retarded. At our shop we form personal relationships with patients and help the needy any way possible. We also EMPLOY people and spend lots of $ on contractors to build beautiful, proper, pest-free grows. A "caregiver's" money goes straight into his pocket. Maybe he hires one friend to help him out now and then. All the work is shoddy in an effort to cut costs as much as they can and most of the bud stinks and unreliable in every way. They make their $ and cowardly hide in their basements and forest grows in shame. Thank God for these people who took risks and created nice businesses that help thousands of people (with more than bud!) every day. Love u guys :D

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