Reader: Real Coloradans Don't Use the N-Word
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Reader: Real Coloradans Don't Use the N-Word

To say that we received an enormous response to our post featuring an angry Denver Craigslist post is far from an understatement.

The anonymous author's "Beginner's Guide for New Coloradans" featured plenty of arguments with which many if not most readers agreed.

But his assertion that "real Coloradans...use the 'N' word when it's called for" offended plenty of folks for whom the writer definitely wasn't speaking.

Here's a statement that represents the dozens upon dozens on a similar theme.

Rene Ford writes:

I have lived in Colorado over 25 years and never was it acceptable to use the N word. And even though I moved here, my friends that were born in Colorado and are real Coloradans never used the N word. That was a stupid comment and ignorant.

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