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Reader: Seeing The Book of Mormon and South Park doesn't make you an LDS Church expert

Our post about the I'm a Mormon billboard campaign in Denver has spurred some intriguing theological back and forth. Here's the take of a reader who places what she sees as discrimination against Mormons in a historical context, using the name of someone who's already history.

Jim Henson writes:

It's amazing how people in the 21st century are so full of hate towards this religion. When people lashed out at Muslims, the country was quick to reassess the hate as unfair and ignorant, since it was based mostly on assumptions about the connection between Muslims and Terrorists.

The Morman religion deserves equal respect from people as any other. You certainly wouldn't hear this much uproar about Jews. But, then again, it took an entire genocide to get people to lay off a bit.

To assume you know everything about an entire religion by watching two forms of entertainment by Matt Parker and Trey Stone does nothing more than solidify your lack of intelligence. It seems you would believe that Succubus' exist too, since they appeared in an episode of South Park.

The missionaries of the LDS church are indeed quite versed in both the Book of Morman as well as the Bible. Go talk with a missionary. Ask them questions. You will find your foot has been in your lodged in your mouth for some time.

Just like any other form of Advocacy, this is a harmless way for the Mormon Church to attempt to help educate the people of our culture that believe such harsh, negative things about their religion based solely on rumor and the entertainment industry.

Lets all try to be adults of a civilized nation based on freedom of religion and expression and have some respect.

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