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Reader: The 16th Street Mall Has Gotten Worse Over the Past Fifteen Years

The announcement that the Downtown Denver Partnership may create a private security force for the 16th Street Mall in response to a recent series of violent incidents didn't prompt a uniform reaction among our readers.

Among the disagreements: Whether the situation on the mall is truly dangerous or exaggerated and overblown.

The following commenter takes the former position and bases his observations on his status as a native of the area.

Here's his take.

Jason Beck writes:
Yeah, it's gotten worse over the past 15 yrs.....born and raised here and I don't feel comfortable taking my son down there or myself for that matter.....unfortunately, it needs cleaned up again, get whoever you need in there to get cleaned out, I want to enjoy it again. I also noticed a lot of empty store fronts.....guess why!!
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