Tim Tebow and a friend.
Tim Tebow and a friend.
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Reader: The Broncos Never Should Have Gotten Rid of Tim Tebow

Our post about ESPN host Colin Cowherd saying he'd trade Peyton Manning in a minute if he was in charge of the Broncos because his arm is cooked inspired a lot of fan debate.

A large number of respondents agreed that Manning's best days are behind him.

However, there was a considerable amount of disagreement over what the team should do next.

Among the options: a return to The Chosen One, which one writer espoused in the face of some fierce criticism.

See the exchange below.

James Rush Smith writes: 

Why did we let Tebow go? Oh ya, he was getting more attention than Elway was...

Paul Peck writes:

*facepalm* Yep,Tebow has done so well for himself elsewhere.

James Rush Smith writes:

Idk, he took us from 0-4 to the playoffs. 2 National titles in college. His only flaw was that the people loved him more than they did the actual team... Why did we drop him for an injured washed up qb?

Andeeze Nuutz writes:

An injured washed up qb that took the team farther than Tebow

James Rush Smith writes:

Took us to a superbowl and laid down, lmfao!

Michael Shaun writes:

Another f**kin Tebow reference? Just stop... I can't tell if you're actually serious or just being a troll. If Tebow is so good, how come he isn't still in New York or New England? And why won't he be the starter in Philly this year? Oh that's right... He can't throw!!

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