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Reader: The Homeless Have a Place to Go — California

As the cold weather hangs on, the discussion is heating up about Denver's homeless. Many of the most heated comments have been about those who were left out in the cold this Christmas after their possessions were removed by Denver police officers. Says Marion:
What the DPD is doing is NOT a solution! It is heartless and I am sure illegal. These people need a helping hand, not someone to kick them when they are down! It doesn't matter that the police say they don't throw away anything of value. It is not yours to throw away and you have no idea what the value is to the owner. This story hurts me to the core of my being. How could someone who is sworn to serve and protect treat their citizens like this. A persons worth has nothing to do with the amount of money they may or may not have. They are human beings. I'm sure they were given orders to do this and whoever gave the order needs to be fired from his or her position!!!
Says John:
Thank you for putting out this article. This is a very important conversation to have in our society today. The criminalization of homelessness is cruel, unconstitutional, and systemically driven. Busting the misconceptions of homelessness by relaying the truth in a way that overpowers the well-circulated stereotypes is especially important in our efforts to secure the human rights of houseless individuals, families, and couples.
But then there's this from Daniel:
The homeless have places to go. It's called California.
What do you think Denver should be doing regarding the homeless?

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