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Reader: The Only Way to Avoid I-70 Hell During Ski Season Is to Stay Off It

Yesterday, just as snow was starting to fall in the mountains, we shared Ben Smith's tongue-in-cheek post offering five ways to survive the hell of I-70 during ski season.

His top piece of advice: drink — although not before driving.

In response, one reader offered five suggestions of his own, with the first one repeated four times and the fifth scalding one stakeholder he thinks should do more to improve the situation.

Here's what he had to say.

Erich Fowler writes:
1. Don't drive I-70. 2. Don't drive I-70. 3. Don't drive I-70. 4. Don't drive I-70. 5. Don't support the ski resorts that created this problem and who profit from overextending public infrastructure at no cost to their own business.

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