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Reader: The TSA gets a lot more complaints than Frontier -- or any other airline

Yesterday, we shared the results of the latest Airline Quality Rating study, and they weren't kind to Frontier, which tumbled from the top ten and finished dead last when it comes to customer complaints. Some readers were surprised by the low marks, others expected them -- and this commenter puts them into an interesting perspective.

A Chris Heismann writes:

Before everyone gets ragging on Frontier too badly, keep these points in mind: 1. The TSA still generates more complaints per 100k passengers than any airline - and that's just the documented ones. 2. Frontier is one of the only airlines to still have all inclusive ticket options -- and usually at a better price than adding in all the surcharges on a lower fare price. 3. Even in their peak months, Frontiers rate of complaints against them still indicates 99.9% of passengers don't feel the need to complain to the government about them. Even if each of those complaints represents a hundred more people who didn't bother, that still gives Frontier an A grade in the typical grading system. Remember, even straight students generally have a ten percent margin for error.

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