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Reader: This Natives Versus Newcomers Talk Is Just a Plot to Distract Us

Reader: This Natives Versus Newcomers Talk Is Just a Plot to Distract Us
The revelation that Denver, named the top spot for millennials in 2011, the coolest city in the country, had dropped to the 51st position in a list of best destination for grads, inspired some non-native to offer Denver residents timely advice. From New Mexico comes this from Julian:
Well, you've only talked shit about every type of person who's moved here, from our improved driving style to our taste of non-bland food to not always wearing yoga pants. I'm more than okay with moving on. Colorado has been acting more like an ex that thinks it's a prize winner in a small county beauty pageant than a real city. There are so many places that have felt gentrification for longer and welcomed their unwelcome guest in a more humble way than you have. Get over your weed shit, already. New Yorkers and Texans have been moving to Santa Fe looking for the "cowboy and Georgia O'Keefe" feel for decades. You don't hear us crying. You only hear the transplants bickering about more of their own doing the same thing they did. Short story, shut up and take the money, numbnuts.

Adds Brian:
This nativist bullshit is getting old. This isn't the first state I've lived in and it won't be the last. Do people honestly think they are better just because they've never gotten off their ass and lived somewhere different from where they were born? There's lots of things to be elitist about, but never having the courage to move away from the neighborhood they were born in isn't one of them.

And then there's this from Jeff:
I moved here in 1973. The first kid I met on my street wanted to fight me. It's been like that ever since. I've never felt so uncomfortable. This is a generalization; there have been some great folks who made me feel welcome, but overall, it hasn't been what I had hoped for. I love Colorado and I used to love Denver until unbridled growth has turned it into a mess. Headed for a more rural place soon. Good luck Denver, enjoy the traffic!
But we'll give the final word to Jason: 
This natives versus locals is just a plot to distract us from how crappy the trash and recycling services are and how the roads suck in comparison to the taxes we are paying and how the cops bust grow houses but not the narcotic-slinging downtown and along Colfax...
How has Denver changed since you first arrived here? (Whether by move or mother....) And in 2017, is it finally time to all get along — at least enough to work together on fixing some of Denver's very real problems?
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