Reader: This tree-huggin', pot-smokin', gay-lovin' hippie thinks gun control's gone too far

Earlier this week, Alan Prendergast introduced us to David Gunn, a former gun-store owner touting an electronically controlled firearms safety device he's invented. The concept inspired our readers to share their thoughts about gun control in general. The following post hardly conforms to stereotypes.

Jordan Snyder writes:

I'm a huge tree-huggin', gay-lovin', pot-smokin' hippie, but I have guns and I do not believe the government has the interest of the people in mind. And of my like-minded friends, no one agrees with all the hysteria around gun control. So, I believe you've fallen victim to the polarizing nature of bi-partisan politics, where most people actually fall somewhere in the middle but the extreme point of view is more interesting and attention-grabbing so that's the one more people talk about.

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