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Reader: We Do Not Care About Hookers and Blow, Anonymous

Our latest post about Anonymous threats against Michael Hancock involved a video that warned the Denver mayor about possible retribution if he didn't change his policies regarding homelessness.

The next month, Anonymous demanded that Hancock resign or else face exposure for his alleged ties to the Denver Players prostitution ring.

Among the many responses we got to this update is the one below, in which the author argues that Denver's homelessness issues are a lot more serious than the possibility of a politician's paying for sex.

Here's what he had to say.

Clint Jahn writes:
We do not care about hookers and blow, Anonymous. For fuck's sake, cut him some slack on partying down. Y'all just jealous. Tell you what, Anonymous...I invite you to visit our city of Denver. I will volunteer to give your people a guided tour of Colfax and the Golden Triangle. We can visit the shelters and go for hikes through the viaducts, and walk the 16th Street Mall together. I reckon you need to see this with your own eyes, because you clearly do not understand the severity of the situation here. Many of them do not even want help...they would rather shoot smack and smoke meth instead. These hobos are busing here from other states and committing serious crimes every day. 2/3 of all Denver 911 calls involve homeless parties. They are attacking tourists on the street now and kicking down people's doors. It never used to be like this before.

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