Protest at the Colorado State Capitol.EXPAND
Protest at the Colorado State Capitol.
Kyle Harris

Readers: I Was Proud to See Denver Set an Example for the Country

Comments are still pouring in about the classy way Denver protesters — and the Denver Police Department — behaved on Thursday night during a massive demonstration against the election results.  There will be another community gathering at 2:30 p.m. today, November 13, in Civic Center Park. "It is time that we come together and listen to one another on the future that we all need, consciously focusing our intent in equality and peace," the organizers say. "Music and artistic expression is welcomed and encouraged. Bring water, a bagged lunch, a blanket to sit on, and a positive attitude. We will handle the rest! Let's build relationships and make each other feel safe again." Find out more at #PeaceByPiece #CommunityForUnity #SafeAgain.

And in the meantime, here are more of those comments about Thursday night: Says Jim: 

That's the way to do it!!!! Peaceful assembly, freedom of speech and civility — it's what makes this country great!!!

Adds Bradley: 

Classy, classy city and state. I'm lucky enough to call Colorado my second home. Despite the rebuttal of people angry at people moving there, it always embraced me as a brother, and that is why you, Denver, Colorado, are Colo-Rad-O.

And then there's this from Joshua: 

I was there on Thursday and the police force did an excellent job of managing traffic and allowing protesters to peacefully exercise their First Amendment right. Contrary to the sensational lens through which the media often portrays protests, I spent a good portion of the march walking next to a mom with a stroller. The protesters did an amazing job of clearing the road when an emergency vehicle needed to get through and being peaceful and non-destructive. I was proud to see Denver set an example for the rest of the country as to how to conduct a peaceful protest.

For those who would call protesters crybabies; Were the revolutionary patriots who dumped tea into the harbor crybabies? Were the women who fought and died for the right to vote crybabies? Was Rosa Parks a crybaby when she refused to go to the back of the bus? Our country has a proud history of protest, much of which has led to positive social change. Those who have mocked civil dissent in the past have usually proven to be on the wrong side of history.

What do you think of the Denver protest? Will you be at Civic Center Park today?

Protesters on November 10 in Denver.EXPAND
Protesters on November 10 in Denver.
Kyle Harris

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