Reader: "This Isn't Anywhere Near the Worst Dating City"

Reader: "This Isn't Anywhere Near the Worst Dating City"

There is no shortage of opportunities to meet a romantic partner in this city. From breweries and bars to dispensaries, parks, ski lifts and dating apps, you'd think Denver would be Love City, U.S.A. But the masterminds behind The Great Love Debate, which tours the country hosting town halls on love and dating, claim Denver is the worst city in America for dating. Even more, they argue that women are partially to blame, as they don't train men to date.

Our readers don't necessarily agree.

Says Adam:

Literally nothing about this article is relevant to dating, unless reality media is somehow what every relationship must experience. I'm guessing real relationships have no relationship with a dating "show."

The problem with dating anywhere in America today is that it is more about gaining class appeal, building a marketed identity, and monetizing sex and power in our consumer oriented lives.

In other words, real relationships aren't possible under today's trendsetting norms. Those are business partnerships.

Healthy relationships transcend ladder kicking, and likely involve a different sense of partnership and cooperation.

Argues Phyllis:

Sure, blame men's bad behavior on women. Lame.

Explains Mi:

This isn’t anywhere near the worst dating city. Good lord.

Says Matt:

Women don't want loyalty or love anymore so not all men's fault

Posits Alex:

This is just pure bullshit, thanks.

The Great Love Debate will return to Denver on February 22, 2018.

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