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Reader: Not Everyone Needs Alcohol for a Good Time

Billy and Christy Wynne.
Billy and Christy Wynne. Awake
Awake, which became Denver's first sober bar when it opened at 2240 Clay Street in May 2021, will go into hibernation after August 21 as its owners look for a new location.

The concept operates as a coffee shop by day and an alcohol-free bar by night. Co-owner Billy Wynne says that he and his wife, Christy, decided to open the shops a few years into their sober journey because "we wanted to contribute to the alcohol-free movement and create a space in Denver where people can come have fun, feel safe and have some tasty beverages." But their current space has some limitations, and they're hoping to grow the business.

"There was kind of a wide range of issues and combination of things that led us to think this is a good time to take a step back and take a breath," Wynne explains.

Reviews of the concept are mixed in reader comments on the Westword Facebook post of the Awake news. Says Andrew:
Great concept. Lots of us like to have good food, non-alcoholic options and live entertainment! It also is nice to not have a hangover in the morning.
Responds Sean:
Maybe they should just permanently shelve this idea. Absolutely no one around Denver wants to go to an alcohol-free bar. This idea is more for a place like Salt Lake City.
Counters Matt: 
There are tons of people who are thrilled to have a sober bar to hang out at.
Not everyone drinks alcohol, and not everyone likes to be around a bunch of obnoxious drunk people.
Offers Josh:
Gotta keep rolling with this idea. How 'bout a restaurant that doesn't serve any food? Or an arcade with no video games? Who needs overpriced juice? Just a room with some tables to hang out in.
Offers Aimee:
We love this place and the concept. We wish there were more of them all over town. Not everyone needs or wants alcohol to have a good time. Looking forward to the reopening with more room for all of us.
And Marc suggests:
This is a good time to look for restaurant/bar space. A lot of great spots open: The Old Snug location on Colfax. Fork & Spoon on Colfax. The old Seoul Food on Sixth Avenue, etc. etc.
Have you been to Awake? Where would you like to see it reopen? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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