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Reader: No Lola? Where Should I Go for Brunch Today?

Patricia Calhoun
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Patricia Calhoun
There will be no brunch at Lola Coastal Mexican today. After almost two decades and two locations, the Big Red F restaurant has closed its doors for good. The space at 1575 Boulder Street where it moved fifteen years ago, kick-starting this part of Highland becoming a major dining destination, will be transformed into a Post Chicken & Beer, a Big Red F concept that now has a half-dozen locations.

After serving its last margarita on Sunday, September 12, Lola posted this note: "After almost 20 years of enormous success, Lola has locked her doors and is going back to Mexico to live on the beach and fish and surf and play with her dog. We deeply appreciate all the support you've given her during her first four years on South Pearl and the last 15 at her corner casa at 16th and Boulder streets...."

Regulars were quick to leave their own messages on the Westword Facebook post with the Lola news. Says Meg: 
Sad day! I remember back when Lola had the best downtown views from Lohi. Oh, how things have changed over 20 years.
Adds Staci:
I will miss the jalapeño margaritas.
Wonders Paula: 
No Lola? Where should I go for brunch today?
Recalls Michael:
Wow! Jill and I had our first date at Lola. Always seemed when the menu changed and concept kinda changed, the writing was on the wall. Always the risk of messing with familiarity. (See Ernie’s.) Lola was a top spot for many years. Post chicken is good, will see if that location works? Food and bev scene in Denver is cutthroat.
Suggests Mason:
Lola is a way better concept than Post and they're both BRF....Booooooo!
Counters Peggy:
I did not enjoy Lola. Good swap.
Replies Nick:
Lola was great. There’s enough chicken spots in Denver.
And Ed concludes:
Sad to see Lola go. We had our post-wedding reception reception there. But.... gluten-free fried chicken!
Did you go to Lola? What do you think of the LoHi restaurant scene? How will a Post Chicken & Beer do in that area? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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