Reader: It Was Long Past Time for Lousy Chain Restaurants to Close

The Westminster branch is no more.
The Westminster branch is no more.
C.B. & Potts
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On August 1, we published our regular Restaurant Roll Call, rounding up all the openings and closings around town in the preceding month. We've been compiling these lists for years, but it's become an increasingly depressing activity as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on local businesses.

Some eatery owners have taken the temperature of the current climate and decided it's a good time to move up retirement plans (Racines, the Market, 20th Street Cafe); others determined that their efforts could be better spent on sibling restaurants or introducing new concepts (Vesta, Gozo); and still more looked at their lousy financials and simply realized they had to fold.

Restaurants that announced last month that they won't be back ranged from C.B. & Potts (closing four stores in Colorado, selling a fifth) to the controversial C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen (closing in Castle Rock, sticking with Colorado Springs). They left behind both fans...and foes.

Says Michael: 

C.B. & Potts? Crap beer, lousy service killed this business long before COVID. The consumers had already basically made up their minds about this place long ago. Oh....and bad management, also.

Offers Megan:

Not surprising that C&C Cafe/Kitchen is on this list, given the really terrible choice they made to open this past Mother's Day with zero regard for the law or the human lives they would endanger during a public health crisis.

And then there are other, less publicized closings. Comments Valerie:

We'll definitely miss Fooducopia, and their delicious biscuits with jam.

Recalls Pete:

Night Shift Saloon had the best steaks in Auroral

Says Celeste:

Arada was my favorite for Ethiopian. Devastating. 

Comments Jeremy:

I did see Landry's was closed driving on I-25 South couple days ago. I did not know that Great Northern Tavern on Belleview closed. Both of them have been staples in Denver forever! It's really sad to see those guys close. 

And Joe concludes:

As a food industry worker, my heart truly goes out to the servers and cooks out of work, but I could give a shit about all these awful chains going under. It was long past their time

What do you think of all the restaurants closing? What will you miss? Post a comment or email editorial@westword.com.

Read our Restaurant Roll Call for July here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.