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Reader: Fat Tire Will Always Hold a Special Place in My Hoppy Heart

New Belgium Brewery
Fat Tire, which was created by the Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing more than three decades ago, introduced many people to the world of craft beer — including Thomas Mitchell.

"New Belgium showed countless American drinkers that beer was for more than chugging while pushing forward a craft beer scene that is still an integral part of Colorado," he writes. "That would've been impossible without Fat Tire — but the very movement New Belgium helped spark is now moving too fast. After 32 years, Fat Tire, as we knew it, is no more."

The OG Fat Tire has been replaced by a new version. And on their comments on the Westword Facebook post of Thomas Mitchell's piece, readers pour out their own memories of the original. Says Chris:
People who claim to have never enjoyed Fat Tire should not be trusted. They probably think Colorado green chile is great, too.
Suggests Kirk:
New Fat Tire is as bad as New Coke! Bring back Fat Tire Classic!
Recalls Rachaal:
As a 20-year-old (25 years ago) woman in Albuquerque, Fat Tire was my first craft beer, and delicious. It taught me beer could be great. That beer and brewery inspired me to move to Seattle and build a career in beer. Will always hold a special place in my hoppy heart.
Suggests Nikolas:
Forget Fat Tire. Bring back Sunshine Wheat.
Adds Jake:
Bring back Old Cherry Ale!
Replies David:
I refer their Trippel.
Remembers Kathy:
First craft beer I had, umpteen million years ago was Anchor Steam. Second was Fat Tire. Third was Apricot Blonde.
Concludes Joe:
They didn't need to change the recipe. They should have just changed the name to Fat Tire IPA, since 90 percent of the people who buy beer these days will only purchase things that say "IPA" on the can.
When did you first taste Fat Tire? Have you tasted the new version? What do you drink today? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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