A last look at Denver's Palm.
A last look at Denver's Palm.

Reader: After The Palm, No More Chains!

It feels like months ago now, but on March 10, The Palm abruptly closed its doors in downtown Denver after 24 years.

The Palm's parent company, Just One More Restaurant Corp, had filed for bankruptcy protection in 2019, and the restaurants in the group were cleared to be put up for sale in December. Landry's Inc. has made a $50 million bid to purchase the Palm Restaurant group, which comprises two dozen steakhouses in the U.S. and Mexico, but the Palm at 1672 Lawrence Street didn't wait for that deal to close before it did.

Says Richard:

 The Palm will be missed.

Adds Mendoza: 

Had the biggest lobster ever at the Palm. Sad to see it go.

Counters Naomi: 

They used to be fantastic but things were slipping. They were failing inspections, it was time to either turn it around or close it down.

Asks John:

 Why compete when you can just buy out your competitors?

Responds Ian: 

No more chains.

Concludes Dwayne: 

Hey, I want my wall portrait back! 

When the original Palm Restaurant was opened in New York City in 1926 by Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi, they lacked money to decorate the place — so they gave steak dinners to artists in exchange for caricatures and portraits drawn directly onto the walls. Seventy years later, Denver's own version of the Palm came complete with its own rogue's gallery of national figures and regulars.

Although those caricatures got an update when the Palm redecorated four years ago, they were still on the wall at the end. What will happen to them? We're hoping to get an answer. If you know, or have other thoughts of the Palm, post a comment or email us at editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.