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Reader: Who Doesn't Love a Good Lobster Roll?

The lobster roll at the Kitchen made our list.
The lobster roll at the Kitchen made our list. Mark Antonation
Lobster rolls are popping up on menus all over town, at seafood restaurants, food halls and a few unlikely places. This week, Mark Antonation went fishing for a few favorites and served up five places in Denver where you can get a taste of New England at the height of lobster season.

Some readers wondered about the lobster rolls that got away. Where was Max Gill and Grill? Blue Island Oyster Bar? Or Cherry Crest Seafood Restaurant & Market, which has been in the swim for almost 36 years? In Facebook comments about our story, others quibbled with the choices on our list.

And Jordan simply says:
Finally an article I can enjoy.
Rachel urges: 
Everyone needs to go to Maine Shack!
Responds Matt: 
Maine Shack was the worst lobster roll I have ever had. Gonna try Manzo.
Says Jorge: 
So, when we get cocktails at Steuben's, we could get lobster rolls. Just sayin'.
Counters William: 
The Steuben’s roll isn’t very good. Their tuna melt is fire, though.
Wonders Hatch:
Who doesn't love a solid lobster roll?
Replies Margaret: 
Who's never had a lobster roll? That'd be me!
Concludes Stacey: 
I’ll be honest, I would rather fly in lobsters and cook them myself.
Have you tried a lobster roll in Denver? Post a comment or share your favorites at [email protected]
And for more ideas, see our list of "Five Great Lobster Rolls From Newcomers and Old Favorites."
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