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Reader: I Felt at Peace Every Time I Walked Into a Tattered Cover

The Tattered Cover has left this building.
The Tattered Cover has left this building. Sarah Wilcox
The historic LoDo location of the Tattered Cover closed on March 17, in anticipation of moving a few blocks away to the new McGregor Square development by Coors Field, which will open in May. The decision to leave the 16th Street Mall store was made before a new ownership group took over the homegrown bookstore chain in December, and although its next home will be absolutely new construction, many old traditions will be retained.

Longtime LoDo manager Derek Holland, who's been with the Tattered Cover for over thirty years, is making the move. “I’m excited for a brand-new store where people can come and enjoy themselves and create memories," Holland says.

In the meantime, readers have been sharing memories on our Westword Facebook post about the move. Recalls Richard:
 I used to manage the wine shop across the alley for a few years:  Wines Off Wynkoop. It was always such a relief to just go find a chair and relax with a snack and either people-watch or graze a magazine. Cherry Creek Tattered Cover was the ultimate location, with the restaurant on the top floor. Doubt anything will ever top it again, and it was wildly popular back in the day.

A Denver treasure for sure !!
Says Brittany
I really hate that they are moving locations. The one in City Park is cool, but the one downtown is my favorite and I love the feel of just walking in there. This is so sad to me.
Adds Robert:
I so enjoyed looking for books in the nooks and crannies of this wonderful old building. Damn.
Recalls  Chuck:
This is probably more appropriate for the Cherry Creek store, but it also applied to LoDo. The aroma of newspapers and books. The incredible selection of papers from around the world. Thumbing through magazines. Buying books for Christmas and having them wrapped by staff, and waiting for as long as an hour because so many other customers were waiting for their books. I always felt at peace every time I walked into the Tattered Cover. I hope for the same in May when I visit the new store.
Replies Aislynne: 
I really loved this location...hope the new location has the same vibe
Comments Randy: 
I loved that old store. I bought $100 worth of books every time I visited. A great memory.
Notes Chris: 
The new spot looks dope.
Worries Mari:
Too many of the wrong kind of changes! Our city is being destroyed with big-city ways ! need my cowtown back!!!!?
Concludes John:
Hope McGregor Square is a success!
Do you remember the Cherry Creek location? What do you think of the Colfax Avenue store? Are you looking forward to getting out and visiting the McGregor Square space? Post a comment or share your thoughts at
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