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For kids wanting to explore the fascinating world of classical music, Inside the Orchestra has provided educational concerts and opportunities, where kids see and hear firsthand what different instruments sound like. These days, without that as an option, the nonprofit has pivoted to offering online resources to kids and families with Outside the Orchestra. The programming includes plenty of activities, themed playlists, performance videos, STEAM experiments and more, which parents can use to keep their kids learning and occupied during turbulent times. These offerings have already reached more than 35,000 people in over 35 states, taking the group's work to a national audience.

Plenty of bands drop music videos. But few are as consistently quirky as Bolonium, which makes oddball songs and videos about meat. Now, vegans might not dig a musical group that seems endlessly obsessed with bologna — nor would anyone else who doesn't like looking at or thinking about sausage. But there is something special about a rock-and-roll band that refuses to be chained to earnestness, that breaks from every conventional subject matter, and that creates something heartily geeky to boot. So if you're looking to spend a little more than an hour bingeing on the weirdest of Denver, don't miss Bolonium's Snacktacular series.

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