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"There's always something stiff, rubbery and affordable at House of Dankness." Seasoned stoners won't laugh when they hear that; they'll just nod their heads in agreement. Cheap eighths of house-bred classics like Cornbread, Longs Peak Blue and Ghost Train Haze, and fairly priced grams of wax and live resin have earned the respect of longtime cannabis users in Denver, and the growers aren't afraid to dabble with CBD strains, either. You can buy edibles and pre-rolls at any dispensary, but taste a little cannabis genius — or dankness — at Denver's real house of cannabis.

Visiting a dispensary in Denver is well past the point of just being happy to be there, with many cannabis consumers choosing where they shop based on their values, such as supporting sustainable business practices or diverse hiring. Those interested in the latter should stop by Simply Pure, a foundation of cannabis and minority advocacy in Denver run by pot power couple Wanda James and Scott Durrah. Since before legalization took hold here, and now almost eight years after, James hasn't stopped fighting for victims of the War on Drugs, questioning government authority or spurring social-equity initiatives for cannabis-industry ownership at the city and state levels. And her husband, Durrah? He's just an award-winning cannabis chef and Denver City Council candidate. Stop by the Highland pot shop, grab an eighth of Flaming Cookies, and get blazed up for a better future.

Denver is awash in good weed, but some of it is still reserved for medical patients. And after smelling the Grape Dawg or Honey Cookies at OG Medicinals, you might want to break your own arm just to get access to them. Lucky for us, OG supplies some recreational stores with wholesale cannabis (at slightly higher prices), but it's good to know that patients still have first dibs on the primo stuff. A true OG move.

Not only is Stillwater our favorite edibles brand this year, but it's also partly responsible for many of our other favorite THC- and CBD-infused treats. The brand's Ripple powder — cannabinoid distillate powder — is a popular ingredient for infused beverages and foods at dispensaries across the state, as well as in our own fridges. The powder comes in 10-milligram packets of THC, with different CBD ratios available as well, and easily mixes into drinks and dishes. THC PB&J? Done. A little extra sunshine for your orange juice? No problem. Stillwater also makes cannabis teas and instant coffee for easy Sunday mornings, but we like the freedom to create.

We don't blame you if recent reports scared you away from vaping anything, especially cannabis. But those vaping-related lung illnesses and deaths were linked to black-market products, and Colorado's marijuana industry is now prohibited from using the additives vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and MCT oil. But you never had to worry about using that shit in the first place if you bought Dablogic products. A branch of Verde Natural, one of Denver's danker dispensaries, this solventless hash vaping company takes the same approach to filling cartridges with rosin as the green-thumbs do with growing terp-heavy strains like Strawnana or Tropicanna Cookies. Those terps are preserved and highlighted in each rip of Dablogic's cartridges, which feel more like a dab than a vape hit.

For whatever reason, you don't see many cannabis brands born in Colorado Springs taking over the world, despite that city's being home to over 100 medical marijuana dispensaries. Concentrate maker Apothecary Extracts and its arm of dispensaries, Apothecary Farms, have bucked that trend, thanks largely to the sticky gold coming out of the hash lab. Potent, affordable slabs of shatter and sauce-laden THC diamonds of Ambrosia — Apothecary's terp-sauce concoction — have helped the brand gain a reputation for solid, stanky products throughout Colorado and beyond.

Adding 10 milligrams of THC or less to coffee might seem counterproductive to some, since caffeine and cannabinoids don't always seem to mix well, leaving you riding waves of jitters and lethargy without being able to add two plus two. However, Canyon THC has discovered the rare harmonious blend of the two wonder drugs, and our clear favorite is the nitro version. A thick, creamy nitro-brewed coffee mixed with 10 milligrams of THC won't get regular edibles eaters stoned, but it will get you ready to crush the day without a tense stomach or anxious nerves, while the THC/CBD version (2.5 milligrams of each) can do the same for lower tolerances. Don't worry about tasting any weed in this can (you won't); after adding a splash of milk or creamer, your biggest challenge will be stopping at just one.

You can find CBD products anywhere from 7-Eleven to Walgreens, but good luck getting any educated help there — or finding anything more than lotion, for that matter. But at Color Up Therapeutics, a Denver-based CBD company and store, you can find CBD products along with news of CBD spa services, yoga classes, education courses and massage sessions. Co-founders Shauna Blanch, Bryce Conley and Will Parker aren't new to the game, having taught the community about CBD and hosted local event organizers for over five years now. You can buy Color Up's CBD oil, capsules, salves, deodorants and pet products around the world, but why not try them out at a fantasy factory?

Hemp foods have more potential than they’re given credit for, but much of that failure to launch is because of how expensive hemp milk, seeds and protein powder are compared to other plant-based health foods. Mocu, a Denver-based health food manufacturer, seems to have figured out how to sell quality hemp-based food ingredients without charging as though they were weed edibles. Our favorite right now is the hemp protein flour, packed with twenty amino acids, antioxidants and some of those good fats you’re always reading about. Hemp flour doesn’t rise, so you can only substitute about a third of it for traditional baking flour, but the ratio works out perfectly, limiting hemp’s nutty, piney flavor in homemade bread, smoothies, crackers and even flapjacks.

Last year, the International Church of Cannabis unleashed BEYOND, a guided meditative laser light experience set against artist Okuda San Miguel's painted work on the congregation's walls. But despite the church's name, visitors can't smoke weed there because of public pot consumption laws. That's where My 420 Tours come in. The cannabis-friendly tour service has partnered with the church for a new class, starting with a drive to a dispensary and food hall on a 420-friendly tour bus before heading to Beyond, so you're properly stoned and well fed before one fun, trippy experience.

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