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Reader: So Now We Can Buy Weed and Smoke It, Too? Wow!

Reader: So Now We Can Buy Weed and Smoke It, Too? Wow!
Jacqueline Collins

While early November 2012, when Colorado voters passed Amendment 64, was momentous for the marijuana industry, late May 2019 was, too. Last week, Governor Jared Polis signed a number of bills that remove obstacles for cannabis consumers and cannabis-oriented companies alike.

For starters, this state will finally have a social consumption program, at least in the municipalities that opt in. And about time, say readers.

Notes Peter: 
Seven years least it finally happened!
Responds Benjamin: 
So now we can buy weed and smoke it, too? Wow.
Adds Chris:
 Yay! How great of policy makers to make something that people already do a legal practice.
Suggests Audrey: 
If there's even one person in a town that doesn't allow it that wants it, it should be allowed. Colorado Springs won't allow it, they were bitching about the nine consumption clubs that we did have, but no problem with the 800 liquor licenses that the city charges for. They wanted thousands of dollars for a consumption club. They don't ask that much for all the liquor licenses. It's definitely not regulated like alcohol.
Concludes Scott: 
Why does it take so long to remedy a stupid situation? Can you enjoy a beer at a bar or even a restaurant? Can you smoke cigarettes on patios and such? Okay. Why was weed not given equal consideration from the get-go? Sure, you can possess it, buy it, grow it, smoke it in your home...but only there because pot is gross but cigarettes are socially acceptable...
Keep reading for more on new cannabis laws in Colorado.
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