Why Colorado Tokers Love Fuel Biscuit

Put this Biscuit in your dispensary basket.EXPAND
Put this Biscuit in your dispensary basket.
Herbert Fuego
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I was recently asked this question: If I had to pick one form of bread to eat the rest of my life, what would it be? The practical choice would be the standard sandwich loaf, but there are so many better forms out there. Tortillas, kaiser rolls, sourdough, pita, baguette, naan and injera — that delicious Ethiopian sourdough — are just a few. But the hearty biscuit also deserves a spot at the top.

You see the lines outside of every Denver Biscuit Co., as well as the Stanley Marketplace location (where you can get a table faster than at the Colfax, Broadway and Tennyson spots, even if you live right next to one of those). Ever had a Chick-fil-A breakfast biscuit? It will change your life, and I'm not kidding: Debating whether to pull into a Chick-fil-A every time you drive by one before the breakfast menu ends is life-changing. Give me biscuits in the morning, biscuits in the evening, and biscuits at suppertime. And when I need to burn off all those carbs, give me Fuel Biscuit in my bowl.

A backcross of Girl Scout Cookies and a Girl Scout Cookies/Gorilla Glue hybrid (other versions have a Gelato mother), Fuel Biscuit emits more diesel fumes than Gorilla Glue, which carries Sour Dubb, Chemdog and more closely linkable Diesel influences. The trademark doughy, sweet profile of Cookies doesn't take a back seat, however, playing the perfect buddy cop to those Diesel flavors and your pipe as you blaze a bowl into high-energy fun and stupid laughs. While Fuel Biscuit's potency and uplifting high must be respected, consuming a responsible amount kept me amped, focused and guffawing like a round-bellied constable through a day's activities without a mental or physical drop-off. The high also stuck to my ribs, giving me an insatiable appetite until the high ended.

Fuel Biscuit's boosting high isn't felt across the board, however, with some users reporting more physical relaxation; that could be a measure of tolerance or the strain's hybrid genetics. Whichever way the strain takes you, the smell and flavor make the ride worth waiting in line. Enjoying a smoke turned me into Veruca Salt as my lungs swelled, taking me through each gassy, sugary, skunky, doughy level of Fuel Biscuit like a four-course meal.

We've sniffed out Fuel Biscuit flower and hash pen cartridges at Alternative Medicine at Capitol Hill, Colorado Harvest Company, Doc's Apothecary, the Farm, Golden Meds, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis and Smokin Gun Apothecary, as well as at dispensaries in southern and eastern Colorado.

Looks: Fuel Biscuit's buds differ depending on the grower, but the strain is considered a high yielder, with plants that like to stretch and love a good topping for the best results. Those glossy buds, usually a mix of wintergreen, purple and peach pistils, scream new-school almost as loud as the smell does.

Smell: Gassy, doughy, skunky and chalky-sweet like a Necco wafer, Fuel Biscuit combines potent aromas new and old, reminding me of the past while keeping my nostrils locked into the present at the same time. True to the name, I get the fuel aspects first, and those grainy biscuit notes on the back end.

Flavor: Terp-loving stoners should be satisfied by the power, variety and clarity of Fuel Biscuit's flavor profile. You'll get Chem or Diesel flavors one second, and Kush or Cookies the next. The balance, a result of branches and branches of different cannabis genetics stretching back to the original Chemdog, is Fuel Biscuit's strongest quality.

Effects: Predicting a strain's high based on smell and flavor is a fun game, but doesn't always bear the right answer, and the higher potency and differing Cookies influences add more variables. Most users, including me, enjoy Fuel Biscuit during the daytime, enjoying a relatively clear-minded, energetic high and a garbage disposal of a stomach — though it has reportedly pushed some tokers deep into the couch like a Punch Cookies or Wedding Cake.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.