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Reader: I Can Eat a Big Mac, Nap and Still Drive Better Than Cry-Baby Freedom Haters

It's no secret that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. California and other states have banned it altogether in hopes of keeping eyeballs on the road and saving some lives.

While texting and driving is still technically legal in Colorado, anti-texting advocates are hoping to change that soon.

And readers have plenty of thoughts about that. Patrick says:

It is not legal. Careless driving has always been illegal.
Jeff argues:
I can write poetry, eat a Big Mac, and take a nap in the snow at 3 a.m. and still drive better than these cry-baby freedom haters. No damaged party, no crime. Drive your own car.
Jason explains:
They still allow people to type addresses in navigation apps while driving. "Texting" is an outdated term for the full spectrum of problematic shit that happens while people are driving. Outlawing just "texting" will solve nothing.
Joseph notes:
Anything that takes your eyes off the road for longer than it takes to read your speedometer is not safe. Is that not good enough?
Ian says:
Exactly why I'm moving to Colorado. Legal texting and driving.
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