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Reader: Has Blucifer Put a Curse on Denver International Airport Construction?

The Netflix series "Inside Job" highlights Blucifer's huge blue nuts.
The Netflix series "Inside Job" highlights Blucifer's huge blue nuts. Inside Job
Conspiracy theories have long surrounded Denver International Airport, and the airport has even played off that reputation, hosting a conspiracy theory exhibit and using signs during the seemingly never-ending construction to suggest that any delays are the work of aliens. When DIA turned 25 in February 2020, officials even released a list of some of the top conspiracy theories.

And now there's one more. Right before peak Thanksgiving travel time, Inside Job, an animated Netflix comedy series, presented one of the most graphic depictions of Blucifer's junk to ever grace the screen. "How is the access point for all shadow world air travel under this horse's big blue nuts?" asked one of the characters, who live in a world controlled by the deep state, the Illuminati and lizard people. Yes, the gates of hell are located right under Blucifer's balls.

In their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the Inside Job episode on Denver International Airport, readers have plenty to say about Blucifer and DIA CEO Phil Washington's updates on airport construction. Says Brendan:
Don't give the stupid DIA conspiracy theorists any more ammo.
Asks Nathen:
I wonder if it’s like Casa Bonita on South Park, where people from out of state don’t realize this stuff is real?
Explains Sean:
What's to see? The aliens are well hidden in the walls, and the labor camps are too far underground to find.
Comments Bruce:
Scary stoned horse.
Adds Cheryl: 
That thing is so creepy and ugly.
Counters Jake:
I think it's cool as fuck.
Adds Cherie:
I love Blucifer. Too bad he didn't scare California from moving here.
Wonders Joni: 
Has Blucifer been put a curse on all the construction at DIA? That place is a hellhole.
But then there's this from Frank:
Worst airport in the country.
And in response to Phil Washington's update, Mitch notes:
I'm a F/A who flies out of DIA to points all over the globe. While DIA isn't the worst airport, it has some glaring shortcomings and bottlenecks. First, there needs to be a way to walk to the B and C concourses for those times the train breaks down. Also, I have never seen a time when all escalators and moving walkways operate at the same time. The train needs to depart more often than every two minutes and the doors need to stay open for more than sixty seconds. The egress from the train at the main terminal requires everyone to move to either end and take an escalator where the crowd reunites. Very inefficient.

I would love to see Westword do an in-depth story about what DIA can do to become #1 in the nation!
What do you think about the current state of Denver International Airport? All those conspiracy theories? The blue devil horse? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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