The Denver Contract Detention Facility, ICE's detention center in Aurora, is managed by the GEO Group.
The Denver Contract Detention Facility, ICE's detention center in Aurora, is managed by the GEO Group.
Anthony Camera

Reader: Disband ICE and Throw the GEO Group Directors in Jail

The woes of the immigration detention facility in Aurora continue. A new government report found that the facility, which is run by private prison company GEO Group through a contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, violates ICE standards for outdoor recreation, in-person visitations and restraining detainees in solitary confinement.

Readers didn't mince words about ICE or the detention center:

Responds Michael:

ICE has standards?

Adds Ter:

ICE concentration camps have standards?

Explains Paul:

Privatization. GEO is a private company with profits as their incentive. I am sure they cut costs.

Says Bret:

Should be bulldozed.

Suggests Joe:

Disband ICE and throw the GEO Group directors in jail. Yesterday.

The authors of the report investigated the facilities "in response to concerns raised by immigrant rights groups and complaints to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Hotline about conditions for detainees held in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody."

"This report by the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General confirms what we have been hearing for quite some time: that detainees at ICE's Aurora facility are not being properly cared for," Congresswoman Diana DeGette said in a statement. Congressman Jason Crow, whose district includes Aurora, referred to the report as "deeply disturbing."

Before the investigators visited the Aurora facility, there had been reports that staff used handcuffs on detainees in solitary confinement when they were outside their cells. That protocol didn't comply with ICE standards, since "placement in disciplinary segregation alone does not constitute a valid basis for using restraints," they determined.

According to ICE, security staff at the Aurora facility have since received "refresher training" about when to use handcuffs for detainees in solitary confinement, and a security officer will now ensure that staffers comply with the protocol by reviewing security footage daily.

What do you think about ICE and the immigrant detention facility in Aurora? Let us know in a comment or at editorial@westword.com.

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