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Reader: Abstinence training is needed when youth see women as sex idols, men as pimps

Andy Kopsa's stories about Shelly Donahue's controversial "WAIT" training method, which encourages youth abstinence by, for instance, portraying vaginas as little vaccums able to Hoover up nearby sperm, continue to generate debate.

Here's a fresh comment from a Donahue defender.

Seriously writes:

Seriously people are actually outraged at this type of quality education? When our youth see women as sex idols, men as pimps and sex is ok anywhere, anyhow with whoever. Where are the standards of being in a committed relationship to enjoy the benefits of sex. So why is it ok that our 10-12 year olds are having children, committing suicide and raping each other? What happened to pretend play and personal boundaries? Today a young girl can be with a different partner every weekend and thats cool -- I think not!

Thanks, Shelly, for the creative work you do. Giving youth hope and a positive goal that is attainable.

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