Reader: Anti-Pot Counties Are Sore Losers Who Just Want a Piece of the Action

Our post about a proposed grant program to help Colorado counties offset the cost of legal marijuana's impact inspired a big response from our readers. The majority strongly opposed the idea, with this post laying out many of the arguments against giving such funding to places that have outlawed retail cannabis sales.

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Don Norden writes:

Totally agree. They opted out of the program when offered why the hell should they get any money from it? And let's be honest, it was ignorance and myopia behind those votes. We all know the money is the real motivation, now those idiots see how much money is coming in, they can't stop their citizens from crossing county lines to get marijuana, much like booze in dry counties, and they want a piece. Make it legal in your county and you can charge whatever you want in tax and do whatever you want with it. Don't be the sore loser who after folding his hand sees the size of the pot and suddenly has regrets. It's not too late to get back in the game for the next hand. What's funny is the law enforcement in these counties are now being crushed. Not because of weed but because of their fanaticism to enforce marijuana laws in a state that voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Statewide funding for marijuana enforcement is gone. What they are finding out is it's really expensive to commit an entire month of police dept. resources to arresting someone with 6 plants in his basement. And there's no pay off. There's no revenue coming back in from fines and penalties from marijuana offenders. Not to mention how much it costs to house them in jails. These are some of the reasons the civilized people of Denver county chose to legalize it. We warned them, if you decide to enforce it, it's on you. Now they see how much of a financial burden enforcing marijuana laws and prosecuting marijuana offenders really is. Just like we said. This is not one of those time I hate saying "We Told You So."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.