Reader: Could Placebo Effect Explain Pot Edibles Illnesses at Denver County Fair?

We received a big response to Thomas Mitchell's report about a class-action lawsuit filed by Jordan Coombs, who says he was sickened after consuming a pot edible at the Denver County Fair that wasn't supposed to contain any THC. Plenty of readers had questions about the stories told by Coombs and others claiming to have suffered similar effects. Witness this post from someone who also tasted a Full Melt sample from the LivWell booth.

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White Lie writes:

I was working as a vendor at the fair this year (I am not affiliated with LivWell or Full Melt), and I was given one of the chocolates. I've had the medicated Full Melt bars before and the sample I was given definitely DID NOT contain any cannabis. Not saying that it isn't out of the realm of possibilities, but this sounds more like a "placebo effect" in my opinion.

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