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Reader: Denver police should have been allowed to pass out Bibles

We're still collecting comments on Patricia Calhoun's post about an aborted plan by the Denver Police Department to allow officers to distribute Bibles.

Many of our commenters feel this would have been inappropriate, but not all. Take this reader, for instance.

Danny Gillam writes:

Way to massacre an e-mail and bend it to meet your own agenda WW. What's even more disturbing is the comments below show that your readers have not read the context of the emails at all. To quote the E-MAIL -----> "Please advise your clerks this will be happening over the next several days and make the Bibles available to the officers. Do not hand them out but let them know they are available and free for them to take if they choose to. Thank you." ---- Pretty sure this is no different than if a Muslim wanted to drop off a Quran or a Mormon the book of Mormon. Or any book for that matter. It clearly says, to let them know they're available to officers IF they want them. Not to pass them out. Not sure what the issue is. Oh and for those quoting "Separation of Church and State" - please go do some actual research and find out what Thomas Jefferson wanted to ensure when he wrote ---- "make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." I don't see a law here or a congressional act. You need to do a better job of educating your readers and researching your articles.

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