Reader: Pizza is so a vegetable, no matter what Jared Polis says

Chris Utterback's post about a Jared Polis event at which the rep decried the

classification of pizza as a vegetable

in school lunch programs inspired one of our readers to prove the point.

You'll be amazed by how healthy a pizza really is!

Dave Barnes writes:

Crust is made from wheat which is a vegetable.

Sauce is made from tomatoes and herbs which are vegetables.

Mushrooms are fungi which are close to vegetables.

Pepperoni has the word "pepper" in it and pepper is a vegetable (really a fruit, but most people call it a vegetable).

Cheese comes from cows and cows eat grass which is a vegetable.

Onions are vegetables.

Olives are fruits which are almost like vegetables.

If it walks like a vegetable and talks like a vegetable, then it must be a vegetable.

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