Readers: Colorado pot profiling is out of control across the country

When we shared our latest post about alleged pot profiling, keyed to a lawsuit against the Idaho State Patrol by a man who says he was pulled over because of his Colorado license plates, we asked readers if they'd experienced anything similar. The response was huge and the stories were many. Here are five examples.

Justin Harned writes:

Yup. Spent an hour in the front seat of a highway patrol officers car in Nebraska while he questioned everyone in the car individually about what we were doing driving through Nebraska. It was unreal. Cop was nice, but it was still profiling and we had done nothing wrong.

Robert Lucero writes:

In Michigan got my car tore up by dogs cuz of my license plates, Colorado is bein profiled aroun da world, I got fam in Australia and England, we're profiled more than Amsterdam.

Taber Olson writes:

My friend was pulled over on I 80 in Nebraska . The cop got the dogs and everything. He was legit, doesn't even drink.

Sophia Carbajal writes:

My younger brother was out of town on business and he was driving a rental car from here to Iowa to Chicago and back. He was pulled over 3 times for no apparent reason except that he had Colorado plates. He said one of the officers straight up asked him if he had any weed in his car.

Patrice Garcia writes:

Happened to us in Kansas. We were detained for 48 hours and let go with no charges, not even a ticket for speeding, which was the excuse they used to pull us over. Be careful driving anywhere out of state with Colorado plates.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.

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