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Reader: Refreshing to Hear Senator Bennet Call Out Old, Outdated Politicians

Early on, Colorado Senator Michael Bennet said he would not be voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, but on October 4 he spoke out eloquently on the issue. In fact, Michael Roberts reported, Bennett denounced the then-nominee and what he characterized as a "shambles" of a confirmation process in uncommonly fiery terms.

Some readers appreciated Bennet's speech, while other comments show that just like the rest of the country, Colorado is divided.

Says Sharon: 
Thank you Senator Bennett. You brought up many legitimate issues, not just with Kavanaugh but the system. Thank you for helping to protect the people.
Replies Donald: 
Mr. Bennet, I respect you, but disagree.
Adds Donel:
So few have had the heart, passion to call out old, outdated politicians who have nothing in common with the real world. It is refreshing to see and hear words that come from the heart instead of cookie-cutter phrases handed out by traitors to our great nation.
Replies Robin: 
Bennet’s still an ass.
And then there's this from Tim: 
After whiffing on Gorsuch, he damn well should be working his ass off on Kavanaugh.
"This cannot be the standard for how the United States Senate or the federal government should operate," Bennet said at the outset of his October 4 address, then detailed ways that the investigations and discussion had fallen short. He also had a few words for "juvenile taunting we saw the other night from President Trump," when he appeared to mock Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at a recent campaign event.

But Bennet also insisted that "President Trump is not the issue here. For all the damage he has done, he is not the cause of our dysfunction. He is a symptom of it." And the senator concluded: "We have exported, Mr. President, the hopefully temporary, mindless, empty, counterproductive, unimaginative, meaningless partisanship from the floor of this Senate to the United States Supreme Court. We should be ashamed of that."

What did you think of Bennet's speech? (For links, go to "Michael Bennet Tears GOP a New One Over Kavanaugh and Ramirez.") Post a comment or email [email protected]
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