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Reader: Washington, D.C., Is a Sanctuary City for Keeping Criminals in Power reinstein
The enforcer of the Trump administration's immigration policies threatened last week to subpoena 23 jurisdictions that he suspects are limiting their cooperation with the federal government in the enforcement of immigration law. Attorney General Jeff Sessions challenged the so-called sanctuary cities — a label he extended to Denver — "to produce documents showing whether they are cooperating lawfully with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The City and County of Denver is among the 23 jurisdictions, as are other major cities including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City."

Although he has drawn up policies intended to assist undocumented immigrants, Mayor Michael Hancock stops short of calling Denver a sanctuary city. No matter: Trump's administration clearly considers us a harbor for undocumented immigrants.

Here's what readers think about Sessions, Hancock and immigration in Denver. Says Charles:

Washington, D.C., is a sanctuary city for keeping criminals like Trump in power.

Argues Tracy:

Denver needs to continue doing what they are doing. Stand strong, Hancock.

Explains Keith:

I've never seen anything good come to the authorities opposing Trump. They have all fell like dominoes from day one. Hancock just signed his own walking papers and doesn't even know it yet. Mess with the Bull, you get the horns!

Notes Hope:

Way to act like an adult, Mayor. Discussing issues is the way to go. Have you stopped holding your breath, like a little child?

Concludes Latifah:

When you love talking about how great your state is, then you read comments from others there...


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