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Reader: Why Is the Opening of a Fast-Food Chain Place News?

Danielle Lirette
While we're big fans of burgers from local eateries (see our list of the ten best burgers here), national chains continue to expand in Colorado. At 11 a.m. Friday, April 15, Shake Shack will open its biggest outpost in the state yet, and the first with a drive-thru.

In fact, when this Shake Shack opens at 6489 Promenade Parkway in Castle Rock, it will be only the fifth in the country with a drive-thru. But is that a good thing? Readers served up their thoughts in comments on the Westword Facebook post of the Shake Shake news. Says Deb:
Why is the opening of a fast-food chain place news? I don't really care what chain it is. It is NOT news.
Responds Herm:
People keep saying "this isn't news!" and maybe it should not be, but it is. When places like this open, your fellow citizens line up for blocks (In-n-Out for months, remember?) So yes, it is news and yes, millions actually care, whether they should or not.
Adds Ashley:
I guess I don't get the hype around all these new places. The two-hour wait at In-n-Out and Whataburger...I just don't get it.
Replies Zachary
Colorado has Whataburger now. Why even build new burger spots? Waste of time.
Offers Christopher: 
People really like doing things in cars here. Seems like a no-brainer for Shake Shack.
Counters Thomas:
So now you can get soggy crinkle-cut fries on the go? No thanks.
Concludes Patrick:
If we want to cut tailpipe emissions, banning drive-thrus for all but disabled would be a good idea.
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Opening April 15 in Castle Rock.
Shake Shake
Now, if the state banned all but drive-thrus for the disabled, that would really be news! Do you use drive-thrus? Will you try the Shake Shack in Castle Rock? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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