Reader: Whataburger Is Trash — We Need Blake's Lotaburger!

The Blake's Lotaburger in Deming, New Mexico.
The Blake's Lotaburger in Deming, New Mexico.
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Last year, Colorado finally got its long-awaited In-N-Out — now up to three locations and counting. Soon Colorado will be blessed with a Whataburger, coming to Colorado Springs later this year.

Could Blake's Lotaburger be next? The New Mexico tradition, founded in 1952 by Blake Chanslor, is a favorite with Coloradans heading to Santa Fe and points beyond. And when news broke of Whataburger heading up from Texas, fans started discussing the possibility of Lotaburger following suit on the Westword Facebook post

Says Wendi:

Whataburger is absolute trash. What we really need here is Blake's Lotaburger. The green chile cheeseburger is ????

Adds Layla:

Two very different kind of burger joints...Blake's is also not coming to Colorado, Whataburger is. Freddy's makes a good green chile cheeseburger here. I am not a Texan but I love Whataburger.

Replies Scott: 

When traveling through Texas a couple years back, stopped at a Whataburger and afterwards wished I had just kept going!

Recalls Keenan: 

One of my favorite things I saw while living in Colorado was a truck from Texas plastered in In-N-Out burger stickers.

Responds Lalo: 

You leave us Texans alone. If the Calis can have their In-N-Out, let us have our Whata!!

Wonders Larry;

Why should we care if the favorite burger joints of invasive Texans and Californians come to Colorado? Are they really any different than anyone else's burgers? I tried In-N-Out in Cali and thought they were a boring burger and lousy fries.

Burger joints are one of the most environmentally unfriendly things in the nation. Sorry, fans, but a burger is a burger unless it is a Chubby's Mexican hamburger.

If Californians and Texans want their native burgers, they are invited to move back home.

And concludes Mickey:

Wow, you all have a lot of passion for fast-food restaurants.

We've heard nothing about Lotaburger coming to Colorado, but last week Whataburger submitted plans to Colorado Springs officials to build and open its first Colorado Whataburger since the 1970s, when several franchised locations operated around metro Denver. (You can see the remains of one of them at 1335 Wadsworth Boulevard, which is now a Taco House.)

Have you been to In-N-Out since it arrived in Colorado? Are you excited about Whataburger coming? What national chains would you like to see open Colorado outposts?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.