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Reader: Anti-Vax Folks, You Need to Grow Up and Pick Your Destinations

Caroline Glover is requiring masks at Annette.
Caroline Glover is requiring masks at Annette. Annette

The Delta variant is spreading, even among fully inoculated people, and as it spreads, so do restrictions at metro Denver restaurants. Some are requiring masks, others vaccinations.

Cafe Aion in Boulder made headlines when chef/owner Dakota Soifer announced that he would be implementing a vaccine requirement for anyone dining indoors starting August 11. Back in April, Bar Max became the first eatery in the state to require a proof of vaccine when it reopened for indoor dining; although it dropped that requirement in early July when the COVID numbers were looking better in Colorado, it recently reinstituted the rule. And To the Wind Bistro reserves Wednesday nights for vaccinated customers, in order to create a more welcoming environment for those concerned about the coronavirus.

Other restaurateurs are considering adding similar measures. In the meantime, readers have been debating proof-of-vaccination requirements on the Westword Facebook post of our story about eateries requiring vaccinations. Says Ray:
I find the hysteria amusing. Some places will want vax passports. Doesn't bother me. Some places were vegan, some GF, some vegitarian. I can choose not to go there, or go there. Some places offer certain ethnic main courses. I can go there or not. Anti-vax folks, you need to grow TF up and pick your destinations. Most of America is vaxxed. You are the trogluddites (yes, I made that up).
Responds Leo:
Never trust people who believe government should have complete power over people. That’s how you end up like China. But also turn around and sue the company for bigotry against the unvaxed. Just like the trans-confused community who just couldn’t go to a different fucking bakery.
Replies Grier:
I identify as vaccinated.
Wonders Graeme:
What happened to the “what about small businesses” crowd? Suddenly y’all don’t care if the health department shuts down restaurants for outbreaks?
Responds Sara: 
Businesses are free to set their own rules even if they are short-sighted. Some of the businesses are asking the government to mandate masks and vaccines for customers. That is quite different.
Asks Ann:
Would you go to these restaurants if they didn't have to pass health inspections in their kitchens, just like this vaccine doesn't have to be FDA approved?
Notes Zeus: 
 As an American, it's your right to complain all you want about not being let into a restaurant. Complaining is everyone's right. We are all free to complain.
But you still can't get in to the restaurant.
Adds Sam:
Just like people who refuse to get vaccinated don’t care about the health and well-being of others around them I don’t care if they can’t get into places because they didn’t get their shots.
Comments Karen:
Employers stopped having employees ask people to wear masks because they were being physically attacked. How will this end any differently?
Concludes Robert:
There is a special Hell for those who mistreat hospitality staff. Choke on your selfishness and the ashes of what we once called society.
So far, only a few Denver restaurants are requiring proof of vaccination before customers are allowed to enter. But others are considering adopting the rule, as well as other protocols to help keep their staff and diners safe.

Would you go to a restaurant that requires a proof of vaccination? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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