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Reader: Everyone Hates Amazon and Bezos Until They Need Something...

The Lone Elm Taproom at a Whole Foods in Olathe, Kansas.
The Lone Elm Taproom at a Whole Foods in Olathe, Kansas.
Whole Foods is coming back to Capitol Hill, and when it reopens at 900 East 11th Avenue, it will have something new (for Denver's Whole Foods, at least): a taproom.

That address has long held specialty markets. In 2007, Wild Oats was absorbed by Whole Foods, and the store turned into a Whole Foods. But that location closed in late 2017 (the same year Amazon bought Whole Foods), when a much larger market opened near Union Station. The owner of the Capitol Hill property attempted to have it rezoned for a five-story, mixed-use project, but the neighborhood objected. Now neighbors are celebrating the news that Whole Foods will return.

Well, at least some of the neighbors are celebrating. Says Arvida: 
Great news! I miss my neighborhood market. The taproom is a nice addition.
Notes Pawlee:
 The Fort Collins location has a taproom. It's relatively well done.
Responds Anwar: 
What kind of sniveling yuppie yoga-panted gentrifier wants to get drunk at a grocery store?
Adds Brandon: 
I like being drunk BEFORE spending all my money on a half buggy of groceries.
Suggests Robert: 
I'll go when Jeff Bezos picks up the tab.
Counters Josh: 
Everyone hates Amazon and Bezos until they need over priced veggies and a dildo on the same day....
And Chuck concludes: 
Oh great, now this conversation is going to happen:

“Hey man, are you gonna be at CrossFit tonight?”

“Nah brah, I’m gonna be down at the taproom inside of Whole Foods in Cap Hill, brah.”
Chris Hinds, the new Denver City Council representative for the area, is one of those who will welcome the store's return. "It was the hangout place for the people in Cap Hill," he explains. And that's why he thinks the addition of a taproom could be particularly intriguing.

The proposed floor plans for the taproom show both indoor and patio seating adjacent to the main store.

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