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Do-It-Yourself Shows Vs. "Legit" Venues

I give bars a lot of shit for existing. I don't particularly like going to shows at bars, I...

Breeality Bites

Top Denver Music News

Open Music Session: Kenny Lee Young

On next Friday, September 2, the Open Media Foundation hosts its next monthly free Open Music...


Top Denver Music News

Eros and the Eschaton Springs Forth

Colorado Springs might not be known for its indie music, but bands like Eros and the Eschaton...

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Top Denver Music News

Denver DIY Has a Field Day

One thing is for certain: The coordinators of Field Day Camp Show are not in it for the money....

Music Festivals

Top Denver Music News

Geoff Downes of Yes and the Buggles

Pioneers of what was once called “art rock” and “progressive rock,” Yes has cast a long shadow...


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