Top Denver Music News

Toto's Hidden Influence on Pop Rock

Toto is probably most remembered for its string of hits from the late '70s through the mid-80s;...


Top Denver Music News

Heart Is a Force of Nature

Last night, the forecast of "light rain" left out the bit about two full hours of torrential...

Concert Reviews

Top Denver Music News

Jane's Addiction at Riot Fest

When Jane's Addiction released its debut studio album, Nothing's Shocking, in 1988, it was a...

Music Festivals

Top Denver Music News

Comic: Fleet-Footed Mercury Cafe

Editor's Note: The Denver Bootleg is a series chronicling the history of local music venues by...


Top Denver Music News

Review: Coldplay Smothered in Confetti

Last night, Coldplay bounded on-stage to the euphoric strains of “Head Full of Dreams,” the...


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