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Reader: Skier Traffic Is the Worst

Remember this while you're stuck in traffic today.
Remember this while you're stuck in traffic today.
While you're stuck in Interstate 70 traffic coming down from the mountains today, you should have plenty of time to add to our guide for surviving the I-70 drive to the high country.

In our list, Penelope Purdy served up ten suggestions, but readers offer many more.

Says Russell: 
My survival strategy: Ski in Wyoming.
Adds Courtney:  
Or fly to Salt Lake and ski Park City....Trip to the airport, flight, and drive up to Park City often takes less time than driving to Summit County even when you leave at 5:45 a.m.
Counters Mark: 
Perhaps avoiding frivolous, expensive activities and just work at being productive.
Offers Bryan: 
 Real simple. Get up really really early.
Suggests David:
Travel on Wednesday.
Adds Dick: 
Live in Glenwood, Rifle or Grand Junction.
Alley has "a more realistic survival guide": 
1. Pee first
2. Fill your gas tank
3. Bring snacks
4. Pray it doesn't take a thousand years to get wherever you're going
Concludes Amelia: 
Whether you stay in Denver or drive up all at once, be within the traction laws. Most of you Frangers ski like you drive: bad. Skier traffic is the worst.
Good point, Amelia. And Alley, add "patience" to the list of things you should pack for the drive on I-70.

As Purdy points out, tailgating causes 23 percent of all vehicle crashes nationside, including 2,000 deaths and 950,000 injuries every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And don’t even think about weaving from one lane to the next: Every lane change triples the likelihood of an accident. What’s more, the “other lane” really doesn’t move faster; that’s an optical illusion, science reveals. If you show basic courtesy to your fellow snow-sports fans, you might reach the slopes a bit later, but much more relaxed...and accident-free.

Did you head to the hills this weekend? How was the drive up? The drive back? Do you have any tips for beating the traffic, or at least surviving it? Post a comment, or email [email protected]
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