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Reader: Denver Needs a Place Where People Can Hang With Weed, Not Alcohol

Work continues on Cirrus Social Club.
Work continues on Cirrus Social Club. Thomas Mitchell
Cirrus Social Club, a proposed marijuana-friendly lounge at 3200 East Colfax Avenue, is coming closer to reality. On February 22, a city hearing officer recommended that the lounge's license be approved, but Molly Duplechian, the executive director of the Denver Department of Excise & Licenses, has yet to give the final go-ahead.

In the meantime, though, the group behind the concept has already begun renovating an old tae kwon do studio, which soon could be home to both a five-figure Steinway & Sons player piano and Volcano vaporizers; there would occasionally be live jazz. And judging from their comments on the Westword Facebook post of the Cirrus Social Club news, people are ready to see it open. Says Timmy: 
I used to practice tae kwon do at that studio. Happy the money-hungry owners are gone and I can potentially reminisce over a hand-rolled J in the same location.
Adds Hutson: 
Just like a ski hill.... smoke at own risk. Puff puff pass, enjoy the tunes.
Comments Viz:
I hate that it’s always government trying to tell us what we can and can’t do, unless they make money on it.
Wonders Ambermari:
 Why jazz?
Answers Christy: 
Cause jazz is awesome.
Responds Timmy:
Maybe to tap into the roots of marijuana culture as a whole… or maybe because it’s soothing and peaceful.
Counters Chris: 
Jazz sounds like the last thing i want to listen to while smoking. Also, I'm pretty sure no one on Colfax has even heard of jazz... sounds like a flop in the making.
Adds Emilio:
Nothing good happens off East Colfax.
Replies Joe:
 This isn't just what Colfax needs. It's what the entire city needs!
Concludes Kari: 
About time! Denver needs a place where people can hang with weed, not alcohol.
What do you think about the plans for Cirrus Social Club? Will you go? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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