All this, and cannabis too.
All this, and cannabis too.
Illegal Burger

Reader: I Don't Need My Munchies to Give Me Munchies!

Do you want that burger with cheese on top, or an infusion of cannabis?

West Coast Ventures Group Corp., the parent company of Illegal Burger, which Jim Nixon founded in 2013 and today has five metro Denver locations, has teamed up with a California company named Biolog, Inc., to test out a method of infusing cannabinoids directly into food.

The product they'll be using is called CannaStix, a solid spice pack containing cannabis extracts that can be inserted into food — ground beef, for example — before cooking. The CannaStix pack liquefies and spreads its goodness into the food being cooked, giving it what the company describes as "a very accurate dose of fast onset, highly bioavailable cannabinoids."

Sounds delicious. And dangerous for those counting calories. Says Justine: 

I don’t need my munchies to give me munchies. I’m gonna gain like 300 lbs!!!!

Responds Danny:

 Stoned and munchies in one shot????

Adds Rick: 

That’s all I need a, burger that makes me hungry again.

Concludes Leonerdo:

 Next up: Real pot roast.

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Reader: I Don't Need My Munchies to Give Me Munchies!
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Reader: I Don't Need My Munchies to Give Me Munchies!

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Reader: I Don't Need My Munchies to Give Me Munchies!

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Reader: I Don't Need My Munchies to Give Me Munchies!
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Right now, CannaStix are only being made with CBD (cannabidiol), a non-psychoactive extract of cannabis. But the product has potential to also deliver THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active component of marijuana that gets you high.

Illegal Burger won't be selling CDB-infused burgers; instead, the joint venture is launching AmeriCanna Cafe, which will initially take the form of a food truck that will hit the streets of Denver this spring, selling CannaStix-infused dishes at pop-up events near existing recreational dispensaries.

After the initial food-truck debut, we could soon see brick-and-mortar locations of AmeriCanna Cafe, either in Colorado or elsewhere in the U.S. What do you think of the concept? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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