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Reader: I Just Want to Be Able to Smoke a Joint in Public

Silver Stem has some golden oldies.
Silver Stem has some golden oldies. Scott Lentz
In Colorado's quickly evolving cannabis scene, commercial marijuana breeders are constantly toying with their plant genetics, looking for a way to get an edge up on the competition. But all these new options can make strain shopping tricky when you're looking for a classic that can provide dependable comfort.

A lot of the old, reliable pot strains are still available around Denver, but it can take a lot of work to find them. So this week, Herbert Fuego offered a time-saving list of ten pot shops carrying classic strains.

But as evidenced by comments on the Westword Facebook post of this list, fans are still hunting such old favorites as Kali Mist, Back Yard Boogie, White Widow, Hindu, Durban Poison, Headband,
Matanuska, Thunderfuck, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Maui Wowie, Jelly Bean and more. Says Mark:
You can’t carry classic strains without including crappy Mexican brown full of seeds and stems.
Adds Mike:
$10 an ounce. And no matter how well you cleaned it, there was always that one seed that would erupt when it was your turn on the pipe.
Recalls Bob:
Real skunk that smells like a skunk? Not the modern version that breeders bread the smell out of because people in the '80s were being busted on smell alone.
Notes Diana:
I just wish I could remember which ones made me laugh my ass off back then!
Comments Zachary: 
The names of strains don't have any meaning. There are no strain standards and no genetic profile of what "Sour Diesel" is or should be, and so growers just label strains based on what names are the best- sellers at the time.
Suggests Chris:
Before you know it people are going to start complaining about how it all tastes like Fox Farm.
Offers John:
I feel like there's legitimately a market for weed that's as strong as schwag used to be in the '90s. Better quality, of course, but a market for stuff that doesn't send you to Mars in one hit. A lot of people are turned off by weed because it gets you waaaay too high with such a small amount.
Replies Adan:
Some of us want to smoke a joint or blunt in public like people do with cigs.
And then there's this from Michael:
Huh, y’all know you can just buy seeds, right?
What's your favorite old-school strain? Have you been able to find it in Denver? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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