Reader: Why Do You Continue to Give This One-Trick Pony Space?

Representative Lauren Boebert wasn't allowed to hold her Glock for her official 117th U.S. Congress portrait.
Representative Lauren Boebert wasn't allowed to hold her Glock for her official 117th U.S. Congress portrait.
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It only took a dozen days as an official U.S. Representative for Lauren Boebert to make the Onion, which on January 15 posted a story under the headline "She’s Now Eating A Muffin In The Commissary,’ Posts Congresswoman Boebert Continuing To Livetweet Pelosi’s Location." That piece took off from Boebert's tweets during the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol, particularly after Speaker Nancy Pelosi left the House chamber.

But there have been plenty of other reasons to report on Boebert since she was sworn in on January 3 as the rep from Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, including her announcement that she would continue to carry a Glock in Washington, D.C.; her fundraising video touting her Glock; her refusal to put her purse — which presumably held a Glock — through the metal detector outside the House chamber; and a petition calling for to lose her seat in that chamber.

With coverage like that, who needs a communications director? Ben Goldey, who'd previously held that job with the Department of the Interior, has resigned his post with Boebert.

Despite all the news spilling out of her office, some readers think that Boebert is getting too much attention, and shared that sentiment on the Westword Facebook page, where we posted several pieces about Boebert this week. Wonders Celeste:

Why do you continue to give this one-trick pony space?

Adds Nicole:

She got voted in by the people. Leave her alone.

Responds Ray:

She ran for a seat representing the people, as a public official. That's why you should not leave her alone.

Says Karen:

The poster child for the dumbing-down of America

Replies Pete:

She's awesome and all you POS liberals can leave this state. We hate you here anyway.

Asks Maxwell:

What's next? Bet she'll say she can see Russia from rural Colorado?!?

Counters John:

Thank her for defending your rights and not threatening to take them away like every Democrat is.

Notes KP:

It doesn’t really matter what side you are on. If your candidate literally has no policy positions on their website, shouldn’t that be enough? What does she stand for? What is it that she thinks carrying a gun means? She’s going to “fight” for you, but how? No matter the party, I could never vote for someone who either has no substance or won’t say what it is they stand for in regards to the job they want.

Renee has an idea: 

You need to contact her donors and ask them why they support a traitor. She is getting negative press which she loves. Time to shake her money tree and shame those who support her.

And then there's this from Larry:

I've seen how Westword has breathlessly promoted that gun-toting high-school dropout Lauren Boebert for some time now, even giving her that prized cover during the campaign. Poor old Diane Mitch-Bush being a boring, educated, thoughtful human wasn't worthy of our attention, I suppose. Now she's been elected and her first actions representing Colorado have been to subvert democracy while making her star even greater.

Mind you, there was an attempted coup — no big deal, I suppose, but her tweet the morning of the attack saying that "Today is 1776", followed by her embarrassing rant on the House floor, only to see her continue to object to certifying the vote after the attack might make all of us take a second or third or fifteenth look at who exactly it is we have representing us. Oh, I've seen the snarky comparisons to AOC, but frankly, this is the exact tack we took with Trump four years ago. We'd laugh and point out his inadequacies, but we'd never quite hold him to task. I'm asking you and Westword to forcefully denounce her actions and call for her resignation. After the attack on the Capitol, it should be very clear that we can't take our democracy for granted. Her lies and attempts to subvert the will of the people cannot be tolerated.

If we don't stand up to this now, we may never have another chance again. Lauren Boebert must be condemned in the clearest and harshest of terms. She has plainly played a part in attempting to overturn the will of the people. This simply cannot be tolerated.

What do you think of all the attention devoted to Lauren Boebert? The petition to condemn her? Does she deserve all the coverage? Does she deserve a seat in Congress? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

And for another look at Boebert and the district she represents, see this interview with George Autobee, who founded Rural Colorado United.

This story has been updated to include Ben Goldey's resignation.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.