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Reader: Trump Doesn't Endorse, Embrace or Condone Racism

Albus Brooks posted racist emails that he'd received on his Facebook page.
Albus Brooks posted racist emails that he'd received on his Facebook page. Facebook
This week, Denver City Council President Albus Brooks told Michael Roberts that he's used to racist emails from constituents. But how he's dealing with them will change, he said. Instead of responding to the writers privately, he will now share the hateful messages, which Brooks believes increased in frequency after President Donald Trump was elected. Here's an example:
Our readers were quick to respond to Brooks's story, some sharing their own stories of discrimination and others wondering why he's blaming the president. Says Mark:

I've been watching this false accusation of the US President closely. Trying to find any shred of truth. What I concluded is that the Liberals and the Democrat Party is responsible for all the racism and hate in the USA. I have seen no proof of this kind of activity on the part of the office of the U.S. President. However, I have seen and witnessed enough proof and evidence that only the Liberal agenda and the Democrat Agenda are the only racists. As it's the Liberals' false media that keeps manufacturing these lies.
Explains Moksha:
We were verbally accosted at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center last week by a homophobe. He called us “Nazi bullies” because we are a married gay couple. He shouted it loudly and over and over. We called the police. The coward ran from them.

Shout from the rooftops!!! Bring bigots into the light like roaches.
Notes Bruce:
It is truly very sad to me that this kind of hate and ignorance exists (still) in our country, but it is equally sad to me that Council President Brooks blames Trump. I voted for Trump and would do so again (in a heartbeat) today. Trump neither endorses, embraces, or condones this type of hate but Brooks's blame-game does. I do think he should continue to share these posts to bring them to everyone's attention, but blaming Trump only serves to further the divisions in our country.
When Brooks talked to Roberts about changing his tactics and sharing the racist emails, he noted that "the predominant responses I received were from white constituents and friends who just couldn't believe it.  One said, 'I wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't put it up.' But an African-American wrote, 'I'm shocked people are shocked.'"

Were you shocked by what you read? Shocked by the people who were shocked? What do you think of Albus Brooks sharing these messages? Here's what Vicky advises: "Keep sharing, expose the racist assholes."

You can read the original story here.
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